ISDL Bags ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

Integrated Systems and Devices Limited has taken giant strides to become certified to the highly prestigious and world’s most implemented Quality Management System Standard – ISO 9001:2015 which adopts process-based approach, risk- based thinking, and a defined framework to deliver multiple business benefits such as enhanced business reputation and global recognition, increase in profits, credibility and competitiveness, improvement in the quality of the company’s products and services, increase in productivity etc. amongst others, which also have been leveraged upon by the organization for excellent customer satisfaction, compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and a perfect model for continuous improvement, an invaluable ingredient for sustainability in our highly dynamic technology driven business context where we intend to consciously remain true to our vision of making the world a safer place through the provision of innovative technology based electronic security solutions around which we have successfully built a remarkable brand for over 30 years.

The goal of becoming certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard was borne out of a strategic session held with the Management and Staff in 2019 with the aim of improving visibility and increasing market share, alongside the global market focus on the contributions of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to the Sustainable development goals requiring some degree of readiness and alignment with international best practices for their impact to be felt in a significant manner.

The process however was initiated at the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020 and concluded in 2021.

Activities involved were gap analysis, multiple awareness sessions critical for bringing everyone up to speed, the definition of policies, processes, and procedures, the implementation and performance evaluation stage which involved two rounds of internal audit,  stage 1 external audit, and finally, the stage 2 certification audit where the company’s developed Quality management system was rigorously evaluated against the ISO 9001:2015 standard and considered to have demonstrated a satisfactory level of conformity prior to the certificate issuance by internationally recognised certification body- Bureau veritas for transparency and validation of the entire audit process.

 ISDL’s QMS certificate was officially presented at an event held in Lagos State Nigeria, on the 8th of December 2021 which was also used to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary and still counting.

The event had friends, family, members of staff, board members, clients and other relevant stakeholders in attendance in a cheerful and fun filled atmosphere duly deserving after all the hard work committed towards making the certification process a success.

It is also worthy of note that despite how rigorous the task of obtaining the certification was, we never compromised on our excellent service delivery to the clients as our slogan remains “keeping the client happy”.

During the Certificate award ceremony, ISDL’s Managing Director, Engr Oluseun Mabogunje, in his words expressed his gratitude to members of staff for their hard work and collaborative effort in making this dream a reality and further urged other SMEs to seek and obtain the QMS certification.

He also mentioned that ISDL as a company looks towards the future and the next 30 years or more with optimism, excitement and baited breathe. “We intend to continue to ride the wave of technology particularly in our chosen field of security. We will continuously train our staff and expose them to developments in our areas of interest and beyond. We will search and establish strong partnerships with companies using new technologies to provide solutions appropriate for our country and region.

We will innovate, develop and adapt home grown solutions best suited for our environment and our peculiarities. We will promote and facilitate the use of technology to solve everyday problems and we will continue to keep our customers happy”.

He further tasked businesses particularly Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to focus on the quality of work, relationship with clients, and staff empowerment for business survival and longevity and encouraged those with a long-term view to get certified to the Quality Management System Standard as the benefits are numerous indeed.

The Certification Manager- Adenike Akinbote in her speech during the event congratulated the organization on the achievement of this great feat and mentioned that ISDL’s attainment of the ISO 9001:2015 certification will ensure customer satisfaction and drive organizational sustainability. She said factors such as people, infrastructure, competency, communication, operational planning, amongst others were audited through defined structures and processes before certification.

The QHSE Coordinator, Onome Oriuwa who championed the QMS certification process for the company also commended the team for their hard work even though the kick off stage was greeted by resistance and was a hard sell to bring everybody to embrace the move while top management demonstrated a highly commendable level of commitment and participation throughout the process.

She said “On this note, we have become certified to the QMS standard for consistent excellent service delivery and hereby leverage on this platform to solicit your continuous patronage as ISDL is now ready for the world, ready for high profile collaborations and partnerships, ready for the delivery of high- end projects etc. and will continue to stay true to its commitment of making the world a safer place through innovative technology based electronic security solutions.

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Let Your Camera Systems Have the Voice


Let Your Camera Systems Have the Voice

SC-P620 Powered Horn Speaker.

  • Integrated 20W power amplifier which utilises latest Class D technology
  • Switchable Gain: 8dB, 16dB, 24dB & 32dB
  • Internal volume control to allow on-site tuning
  • Integration to CCTV systems possible with the majority of IP CCTV
    systems equipped with an audio line output
  • Weatherproof to IP65 rating
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Gallagher’s high security solution achieves UK cyber security standards

Global security manufacturer, Gallagher, is excited to release their latest certified high security solution to market. The Gallagher UK CPNI CAPSS High Security System features compliances to the Cyber Assurance for Physical Security Systems (CAPSS) standard, and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) Readers and Tokens standards. This latest approval demonstrates Gallagher’s significant investment in delivering high security solutions for governments in the Five Eyes alliance.

Passing the CAPSS evaluation provides UK critical national infrastructure sites confidence that Gallagher’s software and hardware meets the toughest cyber security requirements. The CPNI Readers and Tokens standards ensure physical access control readers and credentials are robust against both cyber and physical attacks.

“With cyber threats growing in sophistication, cyber protection has never been more vital,” says Richard Huison, Regional Manager UK and Europe, for Gallagher. “Cyber security is an integral part of Gallagher’s physical security solutions. We’re pleased with the result from our CAPSS evaluation – it demonstrates our commitment to providing security solutions which offer the highest level of protection.”

CPNI protects national security in the United Kingdom by helping reduce vulnerability to terrorism and other threats in national infrastructure. Gallagher’s range of compliant solutions can be found under the CPNI Catalogue of Security Equipment (

Gallagher’s UK CPNI CAPSS High Security System is now available. Visit for additional information or speak with the Gallagher team at the Home Office’s Security and Policing Virtual Event on 9-11 March.

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Motorola Solutions Helps Enterprises Return Safely to the Workplace

CHICAGO – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), today announced the newest addition to its video security and analytics portfolio, the Avigilon H5A Explosion-Protected camera line.

The H5A Explosion-Protected cameras bring the functionality of Avigilon’s industry leading video analytics to the explosion-protected camera form factor suitable for hazardous environments such as oil and gas, mining and industrial sites. 

This includes enhanced object detection and tracking, along with support for Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology, an AI-powered search engine that can sort through hours of video to improve incident response times. The camera line also features new Unusual Activity Detection to provide site-wide intelligence with the ability to highlight abnormal activity such as the unusual location or the abnormal speed of a person’s movement. This edge-based intelligence distinguishes between typical and atypical events by continuously learning what constitutes normal activity for a scene over time. For example, if there is an individual running through a highly restricted area on an industrial site, a security guard will be notified in the Focus of Attention interface to locate where the person is and take measures to address the situation.

Electronic equipment such as network cameras that are installed in hazardous environments may be at risk of igniting vapors, gases, dust or fibers in the air surrounding them. The H5A Explosion-Protected camera is certified for hazardous locations according to applicable international standards, making it an efficient video security solution for markets such as oil and gas, mining, industrial and food production sites. 

“We are providing our customers with a durable, powerful solution that is built to address their specific security and business needs when overseeing sites that face the risk of an explosion” says John Kedzierski, senior vice president, Video Security & Analytics at Motorola Solutions. “Through the incorporation of AI-powered analytics in this camera, we are making it easier for our industrial customers to gain greater situational awareness while supporting the safety of their teams”.

The H5A Explosion-Protected camera is offered in three models that include the 6MP Compact Bullet, 2MP Bullet and 2MP PTZ, and is now available for order across the globe. For more information on product availability, please contact sales.

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End-of-Life: Avigilon Control Center 6 Software

Last year, we released the latest and most advanced version of our video management software, Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7, designed to revolutionize how security operators interact with and gain situational awareness from their video security systems.


As we approach the end of 2020, Motorola Solutions is formally announcing the end-of-life of ACC™ 6. Please inform your customers of the following important end-of-life dates so they can plan accordingly:


·         End-of-sale: Customers may purchase ACC 6 licenses until Dec. 31, 2020

·         End-of-support: Avigilon will support ACC 6 until Sept. 30, 2021


There’s no better time than now for your customers to upgrade to ACC 7, with powerful new features that are not available in its predecessor. This includes our cutting-edge Focus of Attention interface for live monitoring, Next-Generation Video Analytics with expanded object detection and tracking, Unusual Activity Detection, Facial Recognition technology, COVID-19 response technologies and more. On top of that, customers on the latest version of ACC 7 can easily connect their sites to the cloud to benefit from Avigilon Cloud Services.


Utilize our ACC version comparison table to support upgrade conversations with your customers.


Refer to the ACC 6 EOL notice for more information. For questions, please reach out to your local Avigilon sales representative.

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Empower your business with easy-to-use video conferencing

Video Conferencing System

  • Powerful Built-in MCU (Multipoint Control Unit)
  • Immersive Audio-Visual Experience.
  • Interaction and Collaboration.
  • Less Bandwidth, Better Network Adaptability.
  • Compatibility and Integration
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Smart Armored Padlock


Upgrade to a COVID-19 compliant system

Upgrade to Covid-19 Compliant system.

  • Remote padlock designed to withstand theft attempts and vandalism
  • Designed for base stations, flow stations, fuel stations and other critical infrastructure where you remotely open doors
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Temperature Screening Thermographic Bullet Camera


Upgrade to a COVID-19 compliant system

Upgrade to Covid-19 Compliant system.

  • Screens Temperature
  • Configurable Trigger Alarm Function
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