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Performance Appraisal Form A – ISDL-HRA-F-026v1.0

Performance evaluations are intended to measure the extent to which the employee’s performance meets the requirements of a particular position and to establish goals for the future; strengthen the relationship between you and the employee; open up channels of a communication; appraise past performance; recognize good performance; identify areas that might require improvement; enable you to access your own communication and supervisory skills.


Listed on the following pages are a number of performance factors that are important in the successful completion of most assignments. A list of qualities has been included to assist in evaluating the employee’s performance in each area. Factors 1-10 apply to the deliverables / competence of the staff. Factors 11-20 applies only to employees with supervisory responsibilities.

In the spaces provided by each of the performance factors, you are encouraged to support your ratings with clarifying comments and specific examples which occurred during the review period that determined or affected the level of achievement marked. Factors rated anything other than “Meets Expectations” must be supported with examples or reasons. After the entire form has been completed and reviewed, the original is forwarded to the Office of Human Resources. Both the supervisor and the employee retain a copy.


CONSISTENTLY BELOW EXPECTATIONS: Performance is at a level below established objectives with the result that overall

contribution is marginal and substandard. Performance requires a high degree of supervision.

BELOW EXPECTATIONS: Meets some of the established objectives and expectations but definite areas exist

where achievement is substandard. Performance requires somewhat more than normal degree of direction and supervision.

MEETS EXPECTATIONS: Meets established objectives in a satisfactory and adequate manner. Performance

requires normal degree of supervision.

EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS: Accomplishments are above expected level or essential requirements.

CONSISTENTLY EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS: Job performance easily exceeds job requirements; performance approaches best
possible attainment.


(This section is to be filled by Line Supervisor)

  • Understands job procedures and tools essential to job
  • Stays up to date on job methods, skills, and techniques
  • Understands job functions within the organizational structure

  • Produces a final work product that is accurate and complete
  • Corrects errors and recognizes inconsistencies in work assigned
  • Organizes work to make duties easier and the supervisor’s job easier
  • Maintains awareness of changes in technical areas and responds to those changes
  • Achieves results consistent with job expectations and performance standards

  • Provides acceptable amount of work
  • Accomplishes volume of work efficiently and promptly
  • Meets job requirements and produces results within established time limits
  • Uses available work time effectively, plans and prioritizes work, sets and accomplishes goals, and completes assignments on schedule
  • Maintains output level consistent with job expectations and performance standards

  • Develops and meets priorities, schedules, and deadlines
  • Maintains an effective level of service/activity in assigned areas
  • Develops methods and procedures in fulfilling daily tasks and projects
  • Monitors quality control and work completion within given level of resources

  • Arrives on time for scheduled work
  • Changes schedule/plans in order to meet deadlines
  • Accomplishes all tasks within the proper time frame
  • Completes work thoroughly, eliminating the need for close review
  • Demonstrates general knowledge of the supervisor’s work and department functions
  • Applies knowledge so matters are attended to/referred to appropriate person for action
  • Puts forth extra effort when needed

  • Adjusts to changes in job assignments, methods, personnel or surroundings
  • Meets deadlines or handles several tasks simultaneously
  • Demonstrates flexibility to adapt to unanticipated schedule changes
  • Manages stress, flexible, accepts constructive comments, and demonstrates improvement

  • Contributes suggestions and ideas or develops options
  • Seeks out new and better ways of accomplishing tasks
  • Identifies and applies available information and resources
  • Generates effective ideas and solutions
  • Seeks additional tasks as time permits
  • Performs work without being told

  • Evaluates several responses to a problem
  • Considers impact of alternatives
  • Ensures decisions are made and/or referred to appropriate administrative level
  • Takes responsibility and makes decisions within assigned authority
  • Uses good judgement to arrive at logical conclusions
  • Demonstrates the ability to take timely action

  • Uses tact to diffuse difficult situations
  • Offers help to others when time permits
  • Responds effectively and courteously to others
  • Contributes to improve the level of employee morale
  • Addresses and resolves conflict/problem situations with others
  • Works and communicates effectively with coworkers and supervisors
  • Receives, comprehends and disseminates oral and written communication
  • Develops and maintains a positive relationship within the work environment

  • Complies to departmental / company policies and procedures
  • Makes recommendation towards process improvement in department/company policies and procedures
  • Recognizes and informs appropriate parties of non-compliance to policies and procedures


(If the employee being evaluated is a supervisor, complete the following section in addition to performance factors 1-10)

  • Achieves the desired results, purpose or work-related goals
  • Initiates and provides suggestions for job enrichment and expanded duties
  • Sets personal and professional goals

  • Motivates employees and co-workers into performing duties needed to be accomplished
  • Functions consistently and effectively in an objective and rational manner regardless of pressures
  • Maintains a high degree of employee morale in order to accomplish department goals
  • Ability to delegate responsibly

  • Exhibits fairness and impartiality with employees in assigning job duties and objectively appraises work performance
  • Demonstrates the ability to select, train and effectively develop subordinates by recognizing their abilities and improving their weaknesses

  • Coordinate team members effectively
  • Develops specific plans for department operations
  • Prepares budgets and administers budget effectively
  •  Delegates responsibility and authority; promotes accountability

     Assigns work to employees consistent with their ability to perform it

  • Communicates effectively in both oral and written expression with team members and supervisor
  • Confronts issues and resolves them constructively
  • Helps team members with their work problems
  • Keeps team members informed of decisions and plans for department

  • Consistency and improvement
  • Innovation
  • Drives team to uphold culture of health and safety
  • Keeps team members informed of decisions and plans for department

  • Executes task within scope of departmental budget
  • Effective cost management
  • Effective downtime management
  • Effective use of material resources / human resources

  • Result oriented
  • Discover and pursue opportunities
  • Learn from feedback
  • Manages change resistance

  • Timely resolution to complaints
  • Positive preventive actions
  • Conflict management
  • Keeps team members informed of decisions and plans for department

  • Effective team deputation
  • Training recommendation
  • Commitment to departmental improvement
  • Team result oriented



Performance Appraisal Form A – ISDL-HRA-F-026v1.0

Summary Appraisal Sheet

Review the ratings assigned to the performance factors on the previous pages. Check the category below which most clearly describes the employee’s total performance.



Employees below ‘’MEETS EXPECTATIONS’’ are to draw improvement plan and review with supervisor.

Supervisor are to guide and ensure that Employee’s Improvement Plan is objective and is achieved. If applicable, please attach documentation.

If applicable, attach employee improvement plan, listing goals/objectives; responsibilities; deadline dates, etc. after discussing with employee.

I have reviewed this document and discussed the contents with my supervisor. I understand that my signature does not necessarily indicate agreement to the evaluation but that I have been advised of my performance status, read and understood the evaluation discussed with me

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